How to buy gold and diamonds in Alanya, Antalya – TURKEY

Here is our guide to Alanya gold, diamond shops and where to get the best deals.

Gold and diamond buyers tend to fall into two stereotypical categories. The head-driven savvy investor looking to source the best bars and bullions to add to their portfolio and the blithe shopper, whose magpie instincts find them attracted to all things gold and sparkly.

Whichever category you fall into, Alanya is the destination to pander to your desires and buy some serious gold and diamonds at unbeatable prices.

Around 11th and 12th centuries the city changed hands between the Seljuk Turks, Byzantine ruler Alexios I Komnenos, First Crusade, and the Armenian ruler Kyr Vard. Finally, it was captured in 1221 by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat who gave his name to the city and called it as Alaiye. During this time, the town lived its hay-days again. Major construction and repair projects were carried out buy the sultans, making the city an important trade port for western Mediterranean.

Buying and investing in gold and diamonds is also very safe practice in Alanya. The Antalya Central Laboratories Department enforces strict regulatory measures with a certification scheme in place called ‘HRD or GİA’ which ensures high standards and purity of product.

Prices remain some of the best in the world, but do be aware that gold is not only sold on the gold price, but also with an additional making fee calculated on the intricacy of the craftsmanship. With gold prices reciprocally affected by the global economy, while bullions of gold might seem like the perfect investment, it is wise to limit your gold investment to just 5% of your total assets.

Purchasing diamonds in Alanya is pretty straightforward. Always ask for the certificate of Authenticity when buying diamond and gemstone jewellery in the region and do also keep hold of the invoice including the description of the jewellery bought, as it might be required at the airport.

Safir Jewellery

This homegrown award-winning Alanya jeweller is a favourite with locals for their selection of gold, diamond and precious stone brands and designs.

Alanya gold shops and diamond dealers in Antalya, Turkey

Insider Tips for Buying Gold in Alanya

Purchase your gold on a Saturday or Sunday, as this is the most stable time, as the price will not be traded on the international exchanges until 2am on Monday.

  • The Alanya Gold and Jewellery Group fixes gold rates twice a day, so check the current day price, before making a purchase.
  • Under the local law it is mandatory for gold jewellery sold in Alanya to carry the gold purity hallmark, so do request to see this.
  • It is all in the negotiation so make sure you barter, protest and walk away. You could cut the price up to half.
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